Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Texas Crime

Guest post from blogger Taylor Menay

The crime rate in Texas in my area seems to be at about the same level as in any other lively city, but you don't hear about major crimes being committed as often. The whole state of Texas thrives upon maintaining laws and justice, which is best represented by the state troopers and Texas Rangers police force. The crime rate is kept under control through a readily supplied police force with dedicated professionals who have gone through the proper training. Having the security of a readily patrolling police force and the entity that is the Texas rangers is not always enough.

To help keep myself and my home safe I choose a home security system that broadcasts through a yard plantation. all home security helps keep my home safe from crime through a network of systems that is alerted in case anything goes wrong with my home or outside property.

Texas is well known among the United States as being a lone ranger state, one who enforces the law and keeps things under control. This is true to my area and while there are bad parts of town and bad parts of every town I feel safe when going to sleep at night under the protection of Texas troopers. Overall the crime rate is going to be about the same in every area, some parts are bad while others are good, but from my perspective Texas has things under control.

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