Thursday, June 17, 2010

Browns Wharf Inn

Traveling is one of the many hobbies and passion I love to do in life. My husband and I both love to travel a lot when money and time will allow us to do so. I am very excited to have found this wonderful website called Browns Wharf Inn. Browns Wharf Inn is located in the most gorgeous and beautiful Boothbay Harbor Maine.

One of the main attractions in Browns Wharf Inn in Boothbay Harbor is the famous structure of "The Old Lobster Fisherman". The best thing about Boothbay Harbor Hotels is that you can pick a room that suits your taste including the decor or randomly pick a room of desire. You have to remember that every room at Browns Wharf Inn is fully equipped with flat screen television, free Wi Fi connection, inside room phone and a beautiful covered deck over the water.

Thinking about Browns Wharf Inn made me want to take another vacation once again. Folks this is definitely a great place to check out this summer.

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