Wednesday, June 23, 2010

July Plans

My boss is planning to organize a swimming party by July for all the store employees and we are more than excited about the said plan. My boss owns a big swimming pool on her backyard and a two story house. Everyone at the store is already volunteering on what do bring for the party. My boss requested me to cook egg roll and fried rice. There is one thing that my boss asks for all the employees and that is not to drink and drive. If any of us cannot drive home then all workers are more than welcome to stay at her house.

Well, I had been to my boss house during my first year of working with her and she lives in a really nice neighborhood. First thing that I have notice is that there are surveillance cameras around the neighborhood.

Anyways, we are looking forward for our get together party at my boss house next month. What about you folks? Any plans for next month?

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