Monday, June 14, 2010

People Are So Full of....

I was about to finish my shift at work when suddenly, I saw this splash outside our front door. I went running to check if what's going on when I saw four teenagers running away from the scene. I realized then that they throw a large cup of soda and it made a big mess outside the store. My natural reaction was to run after them and beat them so they will learn a lesson not to mess with me. But I am happy that I was able to control my temper and I just told my boss what happen.

The sad thing is that they were laughing while they were running away from the scene. My manager called the police and they were arrested a few minutes later. I feel like laughing in front of their faces while they were being held but I think it's so cruel to do that. I just hope that they learned their lesson and not do it again.

By the way, my colleague is planning to take the best self tanner 2010 this weekend. We are so excited to see the new look.

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