Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Chocolate with Jacques Torres

Post from guest blogger Beatrice Teague

Are you addicted to chocolate? Would you give anything for a sundae drenched in oozing chocolate fudge? If so, then you simply must watch the show "Chocolate with Jacques Torres." I love watching this program on my Direct tv satellite TV to see all the creative ways chocolate can be used to create delectable dishes and desserts. Every time I watch this show, I am left with a craving for more chocolate!

I have seen the chef Jacques Torres make everything from chocolate lollipops to a great cup of hot cocoa on this show. If you are looking to expand your chocolate horizons, then this show will instantly become one of your favorites. Sometimes you may see chocolate sculptures on the show, that are so carefully designed you wonder if it can be eaten! If you are like me though, you'll take a bite out of anything that is chocolate!

Since I also love making chocolate, I like this show for getting design ideas. Torres has a great approach for teaching people at home how to make designs on the chocolate they create. Making chocolate from home can be a complex and difficult task, but Torres leads you through the process every step of the way. There is nothing to fear with chocolate chef Jacques Torres as your host. I highly recommend the show "Chocolate with Jacques Torres" if you are a chocolate addict like me!

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