Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Atlanta Braves

My favorite spring sport to watch is baseball. I simply love the game and have played it all of my life. Because of this connection with the game, I can really understand and appreciate what is going on out there. My favorite team, despite their recent seasons, is the Atlanta Braves. The Atlanta Braves have started to really pick up the slack so far this season. My favorite player on the team is Brian McCann. I am so ecstatic because they are several games above five hundred this year. This is way better than what they have done in the past couple of seasons. For big time fans like me, this kind of win average really gets the adrenaline pumping. I am so excited that I even went out and got a new big screen television to watch their games in style. I have Direct Tvsatellite TV and will even be able to get many of the games that are not televised. This makes me really happy because I hate to miss any of my team’s games, regardless of whether or not they are important to the broadcasting studios. I hope to be able to attend a few games this year, but because tickets are so expensive, I plan to mainly watch the games at home.

Guest blog post by Matt Heaffy

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