Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bedroom Furniture

My husband and I have been really busy these past weeks because of work and some other recreational activities that we went to. Well, yesterday my husband and I receive another house warming invitation from a good friend from church who recently purchased their first two-story home here in Texas. I feel very happy for them because I know they have so much going on with their life especially that his wife is in remission from being diagnosed with cancer.

By the way, last weekend my husband and I was able to help my friend organized their living room, kitchen area, dining room. While I and my church friend organized their living room area, my hubby and my friend's husband carried their bedroom dressers back to their new master's bedroom. I am glad that we finished everything in two days together with some friends from church as well.

We are much honored to help this wonderful family as much as we can because they are truly an amazing couple who truly love and adore each other despite everything. 

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gracia said...

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