Sunday, July 25, 2010


 Did you know that heat contributes to 50 percent of your headaches? Well, I was reading this very interesting article from MSN Health about headaches earlier today and how to prevent them during summer season.

3 Types of Headaches
  • Migraine- if you are experiencing really bad migraine it is time for you to talk with your physician. Make sure to ask your physician to test your magnesium levels because too little magnesium in your body will cause inflammation in your blood vessels.
  • Sinus Headache- it causes a lot of pain around your eyes. If you are experiencing sinus headache and want to get rid of it then please follow these simple steps. First, put a damp cloth over your eyes to remove inflammation. Secondly, use a nasal spray to get rid of your congestion. Lastly, to stop nasal inflammation make sure to put HEPA filter in your air condition system to help prevent airborne bacteria, dust and molds.
  • Tension Headache- if you notice that your scalp started to tighten then make sure to take your pain killer medicine right away. Doing everyday exercise helps to stop tension headaches.
Thanks to Google image for the photo.

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