Sunday, July 25, 2010

Spice Racks that Rocks!

  I feel really blessed to have a wonderful husband who likes to organize our living room, kitchen area and bed room during his days off. I am truly amazed that he can really make our little dwelling place a great place to relax and unwind ourselves especially that it is very hot outside to do some outdoor activities.

Two weeks ago, while hubby was cooking for our dinner, he ask me if where is the spice rack. I then realized that I forgot to mention to him that our spice racks were broken a month ago. Anyways, I was talking to my friend on the phone today as usual who also lives about twenty minutes away from my apartment. She was telling me that she had recently purchase a kitchen spice racks from Spice Rack Source online store and that she was really happy because the product is of good quality. She gave me the website today and I am checking all their products right now and found out that they also sells items such as wall spice rack, mounted spice rack, counter top spice rack, spice rack accessories and many more.

By the way, I have included an image of one of my favorite mounted spice rack from Spice Rack Source for you to see it above.

1 comment:

Joann said...

Nice Spice Rack!! I would love one of those!

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