Monday, July 12, 2010

My First Home

I'm so excited! I just moved into my first home last week. I need to give a shout out to my parents who let me live in the basement for the past six years while I saved up my down payment. I also have to thank my real estate agent who helped me find an inexpensive foreclosure home and my boss for giving me a day off to move.

I took a month to move in, though, since I had some repairs and fix-ups to do. I also repainted several rooms - whoever thought lime green made a good color for the bathroom should have their heads examined. Based on my dad's suggestion, I signed up for ADT which was installed the day I took possession. Many of the houses in the neighborhood have been foreclosed on and are now empty. Although the crime rate has not gone up, Dad said it isn't safe to be in the neighborhood without back-up. He also thought he should get either a gun or a taser as a home welcoming gift, but I talked him into helping me pick out a dog from our local shelter. I've named him Bruce and although he is big and looks scary, the truth is that he's a wimp. But he makes good company - I can't believe I actually miss living with my parents.

Thanks to guest blogger Emily Rayle for the post

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