Friday, July 9, 2010

Unconventional Uses of Beer

 I don't drink any alcoholic beverages but I am amazed to find out the not so ordinary uses of beer. Here are the following lists I've learn from Discovery Channel.

  • Beer is use to polish gold jewelries- drop all your gold jewelries in a bowl of beer, remove and wipe your jewelries. 
  • Bath in Beer- the ingredients of the beer like yeast are great skin softeners. Don't forget to wash lightly with soap.
  • Use beer cans to build a house- there is a house somewhere in New Mexico, USA that is made of alternating beer cans and cement. Beers are good for cold absorptions and it will help minimize energy usage.
  • Fertilize your soil with beer- pour few drops of beer in your soil. The yeast will help your plants grow fast.
  • Use beer to polish your furniture-damp beer in a cloth and rub into your furniture. The beer will bring back your furniture color.
  • Beer is use as stain removal- put beer into the affected area and rinse it well.
  • Use beer to sooth your aching foot. Soak your feet for about fifteen minutes.
  • Use beer to lighten your hair by soaking your hair with beer and lay in the sun. The beer will give beautiful highlights to your hair.
  • Beer is use for beer battered pork or chicken.
  • Use beer to extinguish fire. Shake and spritz it.
I got the image from Google.


texas_sweetie said...

nice one! thanks for sharing for the uses of beer.

texaswithlove1982 said...

I was even thrilled after I found out there uses. Btw, thank you for the comment.

*josie* said...

now I can use beer w/o drinking it, LOL. thanks for a very useful tip.

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