Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I planned my wedding online!

I got married last summer and avoided unneeded stress and anxiety by doing much of my planning online! With my satellite internet that I got by looking for hughesnet deals, I was able to find vendors, venues, dresses, shoes and favors very quickly! I am very busy with school and a full-time job, and although I wanted to plan my dream wedding-I also wanted to plan it both quickly and economically. I started my search by finding a venue, and once secured I was able to also find a caterer, a baker, narrowed down my dress search, cake designs and what I wanted to do for favors. I ordered my invitations and thank cards online, and also all of my postage and shipping materials. I made all of my gift registries online and didn't have to go into stores and use the crazy laser gun!

My fiance is an active duty marine, so finding venues, tuxes and other items online enabled us to have him participate fully in the planning as well. He was able to look at all the venues with me, and we chose a location we both loved-without having to go on numerous tours and visits. I also was able to find his tuxedo online, and he was able to chose the design for his and his groomsmen entirely online.

I also found several websites that allowed me to manage my to-do lists, guest lists, and registries. I am proud to say that the internet was my wedding planner on the most special day I have had thus far.

 Posted by Hannah Fuentes

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Bella said...

Congratulations!!! I am in the final stages of planning my wedding in November...and I have to agree with you: it's amazing how much can be done online!

Going into the planning, I knew for sure that I could create my registry online because my sister and best friend had both previously registered online with . So that was a no brain-er for me. That was actually the first thing that I did! And I had no idea that also has an iPhone app available...which made my registering even easier! There were a couple items that I found while shopping online that I wanted to check out in the stores to make sure that I wanted to have them on my registry. So with the iPhone app, I was able to go into my Target store and actually scan the product barcode for the coffee maker that I wanted with the camera on my iPhone, and then the coffee maker was immediately added to my online registry. Very cool! But besides that, I managed my entire registry from my computer and didn't have to go into any stores. It was a lot of fun to be able to shop online from any store in the world and add items to my wish list! Oh yea, my fiancee enjoyed getting in on the action as well :)

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