Friday, July 30, 2010

My Education Continues

I was checking my planner today and I can't believe that we are already entering the month of August this Sunday. Classes for me will start on the twenty-three of August and will end by December second later this year. I am very anxious on meeting my new professors as well as my classmates. I am taking my second bachelors degree in Psychology and let me tell you something it is far different that the first degree that I already earned from the Philippines.

I earned my first Bachelors degree in Banking and Finance at Holy Name University in the Philippines before I moved here in the United States last 2006. Since my husband and I do not have kids yet, I decided to take another course in Psychology since fall 2009.

Frankly speaking, I quite enjoy the course and I am looking forward to get my second bachelor's this coming spring 2011. By the way, my cousin told me to check window replacement San Antonio later this week.

Well, how's your Friday so far people?

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