Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Staying in Touch with Family While Following Your Dreams

When people follow their dreams they often move to different parts of the state, country or world, far from their family and friends. Thanks to the Internet I can stay in touch with my family and friends easily, even though I have moved away.

Email is an instant communication that allows me to bypass time zones and contact people when I want to talk to them, without waking them up. A quick hello sent via email in my time zone will be read in their time zone at their convenience. No ringing phones in the middle of the night. When our times do coincide, video talk has been a nice addition to long distance conversations. Sometimes, seeing your loved ones smile is all you need to conquer your homesick feelings.

My hughes satellite internet connection lets me send my notes quickly and move on with life. Email has made the world a smaller place and has enabled me to keep in contact with my friends and family as I follow my dreams, no matter how far away they take me.

This guest post from my friend Archie Surace

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