Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Shutter Island Will Make You Shiver

I’ve been a big Leonardo Dicaprio fan ever since the movie Titanic. While a few of his movies left me disappointed, the majority of them were highly entertaining. This is why I decided to watch Shutter Island the other night. I found it on DirectTV. After making the selection, I was ready to roll. I had my popcorn and soda just like I was in the theater – I always do this.

The movie started out very mysterious. I especially liked the old lady with the creepy face when they walked into the mental institution. The next hour or so was more like a mystery than a thriller. But as the movie progressed, the movie became more intense. This was especially the case when they entered Ward 3. This was where Leonardo had a scrape with a patient/prisoner and became very violent. This was also the first hint at who he had really become.

While there were many cool scenes, my favorite overall aspect of the movie was with his partner. They had a great working relationship yet you could still sense that something was off. It was fun to guess at what that ‘off’ factor might have been. It was quite a shocker to see what was really going on when they ended up at the top of the lighthouse toward the end of the movie. And the closing line, which I won’t give away, was extremely powerful.

Guest posting by Sam Turnberry


Admin said...

I agree with you. DH and I watched it the other night. It was great! Galing pa rin ni Leonardo!

texaswithlove1982 said...

Yup, walang kakupas-kupas ang acting!

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