Monday, July 12, 2010

Hints that a Person is drowning!

Our swimming pool in the apartment complex has been open for awhile now and I am planning to go swimming tomorrow after work. Well, I have listened to a very interesting topic from DJ Tesh in the radio and he discusses about how to know if a person is getting drown. Here are the following lists:

  1. The person is hyperventilating or gasping for air.
  2. The person's mouth is at water level.
  3. The person's head is tilted back and their mouth is wide open.
  4. The person's eyes are not able to focus.
  5. The person who is drowning normally doesn't use their legs.
  6. When a person tries to roll over on their back, this is a sign that he is drowning.
By the way I got the image from Google.

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