Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ward Off Jet Lag By..

If I had known before that I can actually prevent jet lag then I would probably be the first one to apply this precaution. Here are the following lists that I got from listening to DJ Tesh.

  1. Stay Hydrated- during long trips be sure to take time to drink plenty of water or other type of liquids because this will help your kidneys stay out of sleep mode and adapt the new time in the area.
  2. Change your eating habit- if you are looking to have a 13 hour trip or more the best thing you can do is to fast or not eat at all before the day you leave.
  3. Make sure to plan ahead before your trip- make sure to get some rest during the first day that you arrived from a trip this will definitely avoid the feeling of jet lag.
  4. Exercise- please makes sure to take time to exercise when you arrived to your place of destination after your trip. It will help you regain your energy.

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