Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Getting Ready for Vacation

Summer time means vacation time, and with that there comes a lot of preparation. During vacation time I want to keep my kids safe. There are a few tips that I can give when it comes to keeping your children safe on vacation. First of all, if you are leaving for vacation and your children are old enough to be home alone make sure you teach them how to use the home security alarm. My husband looked for the best home security in Texas and found a good alarm system. Always make sure they have all the emergency contact information they need. Another great tip is giving a trusted neighbor or family member a spare key to occasionally check up on the children.
If you are taking a family vacation and the children are with you make sure that you take the sunblock with you. Also, if you are going next to the water make sure that you child knows how to swim or has adult supervision at all times.
These little tips can be helpful for any parents that has children, big or small. The summer time is supposed to be filled with fun memories for you and your children, keeping your children safe is one way to ensure you summer will be enjoyable.

 Thanks for the post from Kelley Cline

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