Friday, July 2, 2010


I feel really worst today because I am sick. I started getting sick last night after I took a shower and decided to go out just to drive around the east side of town with my hubby. The weather was great a little chilly but manageable. Well, after we got home I felt weird and I started having runny nose and it feels like there's phlegm that was stuck on my throat. Anyways, I drink my medicine but I was not able to sleep well since I have to breathe using my mouth.

I am so darn tired and I wanted to call in sick today but I pushed myself to work. While I was at my working place, I have noticed that it seems that the time move slow and all I wanted to do is sleep and relax. I am glad that I was able to finish my 8 hour of work and hopefully, I will get better tomorrow.

By the way, I just drink my NyQuil medicine. Hopefully, I will be able to fall asleep in a little bit.

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