Friday, August 20, 2010

Back Packs

I realize that I actually need to get new backpacks for my own use and for my husband as well. I almost forgot that he had been requesting me to go with him to the store so I can pick the color of the backpacks of my choice. Well, we are trying our best to be prepared for next week since school will start for me and hubby had to go back to school again to meet his new students.
Anyways, I just finished talking with my two sisters on the phone around six this evening. I really surprise them because I never told them that I was going to call them today after I took off from my place of work. I am glad that both my sisters Aiza and Nday are not working today. We talk for about two hours on the phone, an hour for each of my sisters. I decided to call them since I've heard from our mother that they are both planning to visit the rest of our family in Bohol by October.

I told my sisters that I am jealous of them because it will take a long time for me to go home and visit them. Hopefully, all our long-term goals will be achieved in the near future.

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Joann said...

Im sure you will reach your goals if you work at it!

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