Thursday, August 12, 2010

Painting Contractor

There are times when I ask myself why life seems unfair to me. I do my best all the time  to be the best wife my husband deserves to have, the best daughter my parents can ask for, the best sister that my younger siblings will look up and the best  friend that you can count on, but it seems to me that everyone just ignore my efforts.

Actually, I am just burned out with this situation I have with my family in the Philippines. I hate to say it but they only send me email or give time to chat with me online when they want something from me. I felt used and being abused with my own family. I always worry about them and think of them all the time.

I have told my family already before to at least keep me updated all the time about their whereabouts in the Philippines, but I never received even a short email from them unless I will beg them to do it. Most of the times they only email me or wait for me to be online when they need something like money. I am getting tired and worn out with the same issue over and over again.

Well, I am glad that I was able to talk with a relative who also resides in Texas about an hour ago. Recently, they purchase a four bedroom house in Austin and they are looking for the best Austin painting contractor around their area.

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kat said...

hahahahaha...hindi ka nag iisa Gee, ikaw man gud ang medyo nice ug life sa ilaha, unya di man sila aware how hard is the life there in the US...ila ra man gud huna-hunaon ang conversion sa money from $$$ to kunting pasensya sa atong pamilya hehehe...

laag ko diri..hehe

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