Sunday, August 15, 2010

Window Replacement

My sister-in-law J who is the youngest among the girls will be moving in Texas in two weeks. I was chatting with her about an hour ago and found out that she had already started packing her things in preparation for her big move. She is actually getting a divorce from her husband of eight years. Though it was a shocking on my part, my husband's family already had some intuition that she and her ex-husband to be will get divorce eventually.

I am trying my best to be neutral about the situation and not add fuel about her chaotic life. She is only three years older than my husband so she is like a big sister to me. Well, I decided to offer her my help if she needs it because I know packing can be very stressful especially on her current situation. She doesn't want to live on their old house because it brings old memories.

Anyways, after chatting her through my facebook account, I then have the opportunity to visit the San Antonio windows replacement that my friend shared with me.

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