Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Desperate Me

I am planning to cut my hair short. I know my husband will not really like the idea but I definitely need a haircut. I am not sure if how short I would cut them but I am looking for a new hairstyle that is manageable. I have a lot of things to consider since a trip to the saloon means spending a lot of money. I might just end up visiting my close girlfriend in San Antonio and ask her to do it for me and I know she won't charge me a dime.

Earlier today, I already request a one week off from work because my husband and I are considering in going in a mini vacation in San Antonio this month before school starts. I am not sure yet if my boss will approve on my request but hopefully she will.

Anyways, while checking my mailbox today I overheard the apartment manager talking about vinyl shutters to one of his employees. I have no idea why but who knows only time will tell.



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