Thursday, August 26, 2010

Web Guide

I am extremely exhausted from attending my two classes today because I sleep late last night since my brother-in-law was here in town. I am even contemplating on calling my place of work to inform them that I will not be able to work tonight but on the other hand, I might as well just work so I will have something to look forward on my next pay day.

My professor in History was talking earlier about Christopher Columbus and were asking questions if who were the first settlers in the United States of America. I found these topics very interesting for me because I know that I am learning something new regarding the History of America in 1865. Actually, history fascinates me and this one of the main reason why my husband and I clicked the first time we have chatted online. He loves history since he is a historian by profession and I like to learn different history around the world.

By the way, I have the chance to check the webhosting guide that my friend shared with me on the net today. Today is still extremely hot and I can't wait for fall and winter to start.

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