Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surgery SEO

I am literally melting, it is really hot outside. I want to go swimming in the swimming pool in our apartment complex but dang it is too hot. I am looking forward for winter season. Well, instead of going outside I am just here at home and waiting for the time when I go to work. I will be working until midnight tonight and I off tomorrow.

One of my friends actually invited us to attend the music under the stars event starting tomorrow afternoon but since it is Sunday my husband and I always devoted our time to attend church sacrament service and after that visits members afterward. I hope they will have the same event on another day so we can enjoy and spend time with my family's friend.

On the other hand, a friend from last spring semester told me that she is considering on talking to a Plastic Surgery SEO about her condition. I never dare to confront her about her problem but I think it is better left unsaid.

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