Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Insuring Your Life

I had a discussion with my manager earlier today at my place of work and she was sharing about her husband's life insurance. She was telling me that it was not easy to have loss her husband from cancer but she was thankful that though her husband passed away the money that she receives from the life insurance is huge enough to take care of the medical bills, home mortgage and for their two kids.

I saw in her eyes that she is still mourning about her husband's death but my manager is a strong woman whom I admire so much. She is like a second mother to me since I worked with her for almost three years now. I can tell everything to her from work related issues down to the issues that I have with my family in the Philippines.

Anyways, I have shared with her that my husband's Step-Father is thinking of getting another life insurance because he wanted to make sure that when he passed away, the loves ones that are left behind will have no trouble paying any bills that may arise. I am glad to know that my husband's step's-dad will have the opportunity to grab the No Medical Exam Life Insurance whenever he is ready to pick one in the future.

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