Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Wedding Planner

Every woman loves the movie The Wedding Planner and I happen to be one of those women. It is starring the beautiful Jennifer Lopez and the very handsome Mathew Mcconaughey. It's about a woman who is exceptional at her job which happens to be planning weddings. She doesn't appear to be capable of a stable relationship herself as she plays around with the idea of an arranged marriage.

I like this film because it really reminds me of myself. I think that's why women like the chick flick romance films. We all think we are a little different and maybe too picky and will never find love. It always seems to happen in the absolute strangest ways and we crave that life changing moment in our own lives.

Luckily this film makes it on Direct tv all the time. I like to tune in half way through and watch until the end of the film. I don't care too much for how the two main characters meet each other and the background of her job but I do enjoy the love story. I love the part where Mathew Mcconaughey isn't sure whether he should stay with his fiance or fall for the wedding planner. It's a twisted tail of love and romance and it always leaves me longing for a love story of my own.

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