Sunday, August 1, 2010

Belle of My Eyes

I was able to chat with some of my former classmates in elementary and high school lately online and we are mostly remembering all the funny things that happened to us while growing up. Everyone can't fathom that we are now living in different places or different countries around the world. Some of my former classmates are married and most of them are in a relationship.

Some of my classmates even share old pictures online that were taken during school activities which include Girl Scout and Boy Scout camping, teacher's day, Valentine's Day, Christmas day and a lot more. I can't believe how skinny I was while growing up. One of the pictures shows that I was wearing my Kung Fu shoes and pigtail. Honestly, it brings joy to my heart to remember the old good days.

Anyways, I found out that my childhood friend who recently moved from the Philippines to Canada is planning to visit me for Christmas this year. I am so excited to see her because she is like a sister to me. Finally, I am interested to check Arizona beauty schools for my sister who is getting ready to migrate here.

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