Sunday, August 1, 2010

Mama and Papa

I just realized right now that my parents will be celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary this month. Well, I talked to two of my younger sisters on the phone today and suggested them to make a surprised party for my parents. I will help them with financial matters and I just needed them to make this event a memorable one for my mother and father.

I was thinking of purchasing two tickets for them to go on a vacation in Hongkong just to unwind their selves and relaxed and enjoy each other. My parents are very hard working individuals who always give their best to provide for their big family. I know that it is not easy to have 12 children especially that the economy in the Philippines isn't great at all but they were able to send all their children to school. They already have a daughter who is a registered nurse; two daughters that are licensed English teacher and Physical Education teacher and two oldest daughters that have Banking and Finance degree.

My brother is planning to become a Patent Lawyer in the future. He is now pursuing a four year degree in Political Science and is looking forward to become the first lawyer in my family. I am happy that everyone in the family has their own goal that they wanted to achieve in their life.

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MamaLira said...

You and your siblings are the resemblance of how hardworking your parents are.

Happy anniversary to your parents. My parents will be celebrating their 30Th wedding anniversary, too, come September.

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