Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Rambling

I just finished eating my lunch and I can't believe that it is already 5:34 in the afternoon. I wanted to take a nap but decided not to because I know that if I take a nap now, I will end up having a headache. I am excited for tomorrow because I will get paid and as usual this is the time when I wire some money to my family in the Philippines. The exchange rate from dollar to peso has been low for the past weeks and it makes me mad because the cost of food in the Philippines and the living is so expensive.

I am just happy that husband doesn't really complain or whine on why I keep on sending money in the Philippines for my family. In fact, he is the one who reminds me when I forget things. For instance, hubby told me that his cousin who now resides in Paris is planning to attend IB school London early spring next year.

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