Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cattleman's Steak House, Indian's Cliff Ranch

Yesterday was a great day because we went to one of the best steak house's in the nation which is located only a few miles outside El Paso, Texas. The name of the steak house place is the Cattleman's Steak House place which is located in the Indian's Cliff Ranch in Faben, Texas.

I was able to eat one and one half pound steak while my husband purchase the swordfish steak. Our meal also included rice, beans, coleslaw and bread. But surprisingly we were able to finished our food I think because we skip breakfast. Afterward dinner, we toured the Indian's Cliff Ranch which includes many animals such as ostriches, rabbits, horses, goats, deer and rattle snakes. They also have an old west town and actually there have been quite a few films that were filmed on the property such as Courage Under Fire with Meg Ryan, Lone Wolf Mcquade with Chuck Norris and a few other films.

We were about to visit the lake but it was too dark and it was starting to rain and so we decided to go home. By the way, here are some pictures of our trip to the Cattleman's Steak House and Indian Cliff Ranch.

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