Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bartending to music

Guest post written by Spencer Hays

I took a job as a bartender at a music venue years ago because my friend owned it and I thought it would be a great way to see a lot of great bands.

Well, I was right. Of all the bands I’ve seen while I tended bar here, most of them have been good and many have gone onto greater things and become wildly popular. My friend kind of has an ear for that. But I never thought of the extra toll it would take on me to work at a place like this.

My ears have rang for years after shows and I thought it was just a normal reaction but I noticed lately that it was getting harder for me to hear customers’ orders – which definitely wasn’t good. I started looking up information about hearing loss and ways to fix it, including hearing aide types. I eventually came across some great reviews about some and asked some friends that I know that have them what they suggest I get. One mentioned a miracle hearing aide, so I think I’m going to get one and fix this problem before it gets much worse.

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