Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tax Free Weekend

I went to the mall earlier today to purchase some clothes that I can wear every Sunday when my husband and I go to church to attend the church services. I purchase three blouses that I can mix and match with my skirts at home. I am glad that my husband is with me because he can help determine if the blouses that I choose will look good on me. Mine you, my husband is really a good critic and he will tell you what he has on his mind.

Anyways, I went to the fitting room and I have tried about ten clothes when I saw this old lady fell on the floor on my way out. I was shock because nobody was around to help her so I decided to go over and help her get back on her feet. She was very thankful that I was there to help her because she was frail and old.

Then I remember that my friend was telling me that her grandmother owned a Medical Alert System. It didn't really occur to me at first how important to own such an important thing not until the incident today in the mall.

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Judice Antony said...

I m really happy about this post. Thanks dear...

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