Thursday, August 5, 2010


 I recently attended a birthday party of my colleague's daughter about a month ago. Actually, the birthday party was held at their residence and there was a piñata hanging on the tree. The kids have a great time swinging the sticks to the piñata until all the candies and the one dollar bills came out.

Well, while growing up in the Philippines I remember that during special occasions my parents will always hang a clay pot filled with candies for the children to hit it. We have to be blind folded and we have to turn probably about ten times and try to hit the clay pot with force.

Looking to all the kids during the birthday party reminds me of my childhood memories. It is fun to be a kid!

By the way, I got the image from Google.


Hotcakes said...

i was about to say, "i have never attended a party with pinata before :("

then ... yeah i remember, it's palayok in our culture. lol....
is that still safe? hehe..

oh i've been to a party with pinata too. except they dont hit it. kids pull strings until the lucky string opens it.

analou said...

It reminds me too when I was a kid whenever I went to a kid's party.

Chuchie | Chie Wilks said...

hahah this made me remember my bukol during my younger days doing pinata. I got bukol not because of the bat but because of a piece of broken pot fell on my

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